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Sonia M. Stace JP, BSocWork(Hons), AMHSW, MA(ATh), AThR, DipStatChdPrt

Sonia is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker, a Registered Art Psychotherapist,
an Approved Counsellor for Victims of Crime, a Non-Directive Pregnancy Support Counsellor,
an Approved Counsellor for Injured Workers (Workers Compensation), and a Justice of the Peace.
Sonia also has a valid "Working With Children Check", which is a prerequisite for anyone in child-related work. It involves a national criminal history check, and the result is either a clearance to work with children, or a bar against working with children. Cleared applicants are subject to ongoing monitoring.

Sonia's Working With Children Check number is
WWC0417439E. You can verify the check online at

Abridged Biography
Sonia is in her late 40s and has been a social worker since 2003. Sonia completed her Master of Art Therapy in 2009, having undertaken her clinical internships at the Children's Hospital, Westmead (Psychological Medicine) and at a private mental health hospital for adults - St John of God Hospital, Burwood (Allied Health), where she has since worked as a locum.

In the past, Sonia worked for over 9 years with Community Services. During that time she mainly worked in the Joint Investigation Response Team (JIRT) as an assessor, educator, manager, caseworker and investigator. Sonia also worked with Community Services at the Child Protection Helpline After-Hours Crisis Response Team as a manager and caseworker; a Community Services Centre; the Domestic Violence Line; and also the Prevention and Early Intervention Policy Unit.
Sonia's qualifications include:

• Master of Art Therapy (Dean's Merit List, College of Arts) (University of Western Sydney)

• Bachelor of Social Work (Honours 1st class) (University of Sydney)

• Diploma of Statutory Child Protection (Technical and Further Education NSW)

Why "Oak Tree"?

As a young child Sonia remembers being in awe of how an acorn can grow to be an oak tree, and wanting to sit under an oak tree in her own garden when she was a woman. This wish was realised when Sonia lived overseas and had a huge oak tree in the back garden of her home.

Since then, when studying psychology for social work, Sonia came across psychoanalyst Karen Horney's book "Neurosis and Human Growth" (1950). In her book Karen Horney wrote of her notion that people have an inbuilt propensity towards self-realisation (being their true self). Karen believed that if obstacles are removed, a person will develop into a mature, fully realised adult, "just as an acorn will develop into an oak tree". This felt true for Sonia, so combining her long love of oak trees with Karen Horney's belief, Sonia chose the name "Oak Tree Therapy and Consulting Services."

Oak Tree Therapy and Consulting Services
Contact: Sonia's mobile 0419 124 951 & email sonia@oaktreetherapy.com.au