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•Therapy / Counselling (all ages) (Medicare benefits may be available with a GP referral and plan)

•Victims of Crime Counselling (free sessions for eligible applicants - see below)

•Non-Directive Pregnancy Support Counselling (Medicare benefits are available for women who are pregnant, or have been pregnant in the preceeding 12 months -
see below)

•Professional / Clinical Supervision & Consultation

•Contract work, including Art Psychotherapy Groups

•Review of Articles for Publication (Sonia is a published author)

What therapeutic approaches may be used during counselling?

* art psychotherapy (art making, therapeutic doll making, sculptural lifelines, sandtray therapy, clay therapy and play therapy) - see below for more information

* non-directive counselling

* interpersonal therapy

* cognitive behaviour therapy

* psycho-education

* relaxation strategies

* skills training

* and others...

What is Art Psychotherapy?

Art psychotherapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art making to enhance mental health and emotional wellbeing.

You don't need to be artistic.

Art psychotherapy differs from traditional art making in that the focus is not on the final artwork's aesthetic appeal. Rather, with art psychotherapy the emphasis is on the process of creating, developing and reflecting on meanings held within the artwork.

The process of engaging in art making within a therapeutic relationship can assist to express feelings that may be difficult to verbalise.

Art psychotherapy assists to improve insight, process traumatic experiences, and resolve inner conflicts. This helps to develop a more integrated sense of self with increased self awareness, self acceptance, and personal growth.

What is Victims of Crime Counselling?

Sonia ia an approved counsellor for the NSW Government's Approved Counselling Scheme, which provides free counselling to victims (and some secondary victims) of violent crimes that have occurred in NSW.

What types of crimes are eligible?

Child Sexual Abuse, Adult Sexual Assault, Physical Assault, Domestic / Family Violence, Home Invasion,
Robbery, Homicide, "other."

For more information about eligibility and how to apply http://www.victimsservices.justice.nsw.gov.au/
or email sonia@oaktreetherapy.com.au

What is Non-Directive Pregnancy Support Counselling?

Non-directive counselling is based on the understanding that, in many situations, people can resolve their own concerns without being provided with a solution by the counsellor.

By listening and reflecting on what you reveal, the counsellor helps you to explore and understand your feelings.

Each session involves a safe process that helps you explore your concerns. This includes providing, on request, unbiased, evidence-based information about all options and services available.
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